About the Green500

The list:

The genesis of this list started back in April 2005 – after a keynote talk by Dr. Wu-chun Feng at the IEEE IPDPS Workshop on High-Performance, Power-Aware Computing. The notion was then formally proposed a year later at the aforementioned workshop with a paper and associated talk entitled "Making a Case for a Green500 list." A subsequent presentation at Clusters and Computational Grids for Scientific Computing 2006, entitled "Global Climate Warming? Yes … In The Machine Room," led to more fervent interest, and ultimately, the announcement of the Green500 at SC|06. One year later at SC|07, the inaugural list was released and a new era of Green Supercomputing began.

Additional literature:

For additional literature and information on Green Supercomputing, please visit the Supercomputing in Small Spaces project – the birthplace of Green Destiny (shown on right), a 240-node supercomputer in five square feet and consuming a mere 3.2 kW of power (when booted diskless) and 5.2 kW of power (when booted with disks and running a CPU-intensive job).