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Interesting Facts: Scare Crow Trivia Answers and questions

1. What is a scarecrow?
A. A device to scare birds
B. A device to maintain farmers company
C. A computer device to motivate gardeners
D. A computer device to entertain visitors

A. A device to scare birds
TOPICS: A scarecrow can be a device (traditionally a mannequin) that is used to discourage birds such as crows from disturbing crops.

2. Why do a scarecrow rather than scarebird?
A. Crows will be more easily frightened
B. Crows usually are not easily frightened
C. Crows will be the biggest problem bird
D. Crows would be the least problem bird

C. Crows are the biggest problem bird
TOPICS: Crows are large and consume a lot and they're smart and tend to congregate in large groups. The mixture ensures they are one of the greatest problem birds for farmers and gardeners.

3. What other types of "scares" do gardeners and farmers use to repel crows?
A. Reflective ribbons
B. Noise guns
C. Dead crows
D. Images of cats
E. A, B, and C

E. A, B, and C
TOPICS: Modern scarecrows seldom take a human shape. On California farmland, highly reflective aluminized PET film ribbons are associated with the plants to create shimmers from your sun. Another approach are automatic noise guns powered with propane gas. In the southern Appalachians another common approach to scaring off crows was utilization of a defunct crow hung upside down from your pole.

4. How are crows a problem?
A. Eat recently cast seed
B. Pullup recently sprouted corn and other plants
C. Come back to the same location nightly
D. Gather in the band of 20 to 30
E. All of the above

E. The above
TOPICS: Crows can be a hassle in Spring gardens. They could work down a row pulling up recently sprouted corn you can eat the remaining seed/seedlings. Not only do crows feast upon recently cast seed, they also gather nightly, beginning with groups of a half dozen which then unite to form a band of Twenty to thirty etc until the flock is very large and noisy. It really is their habit to return to the same location nightly.

5. In accordance with L. Frank Baum, author of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz", the scarecrow wanted what more than anything?
A. A house
B. A brain
C. A heart
D. Courage

B. A brain
TOPICS: The scarecrow was popular in Nineteenth century English Literature, as shown by its presence inside the L. Frank Baum tale The fantastic Wizard of Oz, as the main protagonists. The Scarecrow of Oz was looking for brains from the Great Wizard. In the film The Wizard of Oz The Scarecrow of Oz was portraited by Ray Bolger.

6. In the United Kingdom, in which the use of scarecrows being a protector of crops goes back to times immemorial, where dialects were rife, there are a great deal of alternative names. That isn't another term for scarecrow?
A. Mommet
B. Murmet
C. Hodmedod
D. Tattie bogle
E. They all are scarecrow names

E. All of them are scarecrow names
TOPICS: Oahu is the Mommet in Somerset, the Murmet in Devon, the Hodmedod in Berkshire, as well as the Tattie bogle in Scotland.

7. Among the oldest designs of bird scarer is the scarecrow in the shape of a person figure, but humans have formulated many different forms of bird scarers. The industry real bird scarer?
A. Bubbles
B. Balloons
C. Kites
D. B and C

D. B and C
TOPICS: It's true both balloons and kites are used to scare birds although reportedly the kites be more effective as many varieties of bird may also be naturally scared of predators including birds of prey.

8. What are the living scarecrows not in the Wizard of Oz?
A. Humans
B. Dogs
C. Cats
D. Birds
E. B and D

E. B and D
TOPICS: The power over birds by trained border collies has been utilized at aerodromes, courses and agricultural land. Falcons and hawks are also used with to control not only birds but rodent populations. The success of this technique of bird control is dependant on the truth that many birds possess a natural anxiety about falcons and hawks as predators, so their presence in the region encourages problem species to disperse.

9. What "toy" is usually used to scare birds?
A. Squirt gun
B. Model airplane
C. Bicycle
D. Baseball bat

B. Model airplane
TOPICS: Radio-controlled model aircraft happen to be utilized to scare or 'haze' bird pests because the early 1980s, mainly over airfields, but seemed to be used over agricultural areas, fisheries and landfill sites. This method is shown to be quite effective and birds habituate less quickly to a treatment where they're being actively hazed.

10. Ultrasonic scarers are electronic devices that produce what kind of sound?
A. Too high a pitch for folks to hear
B. Way too low a pitch for folks to listen to
C. Too bass a pitch for folks to hear
D. Too treble a pitch for folks to know

A. Too high a pitch for folks to know
TOPICS: Ultrasonic scarers are electronics that leave high volume ultrasound. The sound is designed to be excessive pitched for folks to know, but audible to many birds. It has the bonus to preventing disturbance to neighbouring households. However, these may be heard by a few people, particularly females as well as the young, and although this ability is generally lost as we grow older it can cause discomfort and even headaches for those in proximity that have sensitive high-range hearing.