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moncler men jackets new year's day, dealers will hold the price sale

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moncler men jackets new year's day, dealers will hold the price sale

"Feather and down materials from eighty thousand or ninety thousand Yuan per ton at the beginning, moncler men jacketsup to the current 350,000 yuan per ton, almost rose by a factor of 4 times. "Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the China feather and down industrial association Yao Xiao man is anxious to say:" normal? ”

Beijing Xidan market in charge down the left named head of sales said, priced down jacket, down to hundreds of thousands of dollars a case of middle and low-end consumers away, another dealer said, wholesale prices of last winter, a down jacket in four hundred or five hundred Yuan, manufacturers increased to eight hundred or nine hundred dollars this winter. This year October, by "thousand years very cold" claims of effects, sales more last year earlier growth has 3.5 times times, can to has November, "thousand years very cold" no coming, temperatures also than in previous years slightly high, down jacket sales suddenly declined 20%30% the dealer concluded that, if future half months within, national not appeared snow cooling weather words, down jacket market currently this "price high sales small" of situation certainly was break. "Without waiting for the Chinese new year, Christmas day, new year's day, dealers will hold the price sale. "He said that" sales volume can no longer be dropped. "Tomorrow down monopoly company in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province, an official said. Since November, losses resulting from a decline in sales enough to offset the increased profits in the second half of this year. While he is running down store rent, 160,000 yuan a year from 2006, rising to 450,000 dollars a year in the now thriving franchise down the Department store group, Shenyang city, Liaoning province, Wang Aiguo, until 2002 the industry. He said that in 2004, 2005 down jacket "sells very cool", in 2007 and 2008 profit and cost only played to a draw. In October 2008, and down when up to 100,000 yuan per ton of raw materials in China, insiders said, "have never seen at this price. ”