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CCTV aired the television fifa 15 IOS coins programme I love the World Cup, which matches the seamless fusion of episodes throughout the night, accompanied by science and technology sharing, interactive features, line all game day live events, popular fan favorite. Recent users of the program in micro-blog blueprint, Haier TV show on the show, "but successful steal someone's LOGO" triggered netizens buzz from net-exposure photographs, Haier TV borders program is bordered by phone brand LOGO showing a laughing, looking at photos, was indeed successful steal. ”

Previously, during the World Cup, the Olympics and other major sporting events, all kinds of brand by sponsoring the team, celebrity endorsements, such as various forms of integrated brand. This year, Brazil in the World Cup, Haier TV does not adopt a rigid implant brand LOGO in a similar fashion, but with the "interactive" set off a new game of the World Cup it is understood that the CCTV broadcast, Haier television as an electronic sand table, explaining the team's tactics and lineup for the fans. Equipped with the original ten-line screen and quiet light, the TV even when laid flat, color screen can also be structured, light tight, glare, help TV viewers a better understanding of the upcoming battle of the two teams. Strong product advantage and CCTV become attached to Haier, grant up before the opening of the World Cup, "2014 CCTV passion Brazil interactive partner" title of the Internet age, all appliances the biggest change is the shift from simple functions to the platform of the interactive features. From the point of view of users ' needs, users really need is real product experience. Haier TV's into the CCTV broadcast, not only more convenient for viewers, the network's interactive experience, or will change in a major event of the traditional marketing model.

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