November 2007

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The inaugural Green500 list was announced on November 15, 2007 at SC|07. As a complement to the TOP500, the unveiling of the Green500 ushers in a new era where supercomputers can be compared by performance-per-watt.

For this inaugural list, performance is measured in floating point operations per seconds as reported by the TOP500 and power is measured in watts consumed during a Linpack run (if submitted) or peak power consumption of the supercomputer otherwise.

Listed below are the Green500's Top 10 most energy-efficient supercomputers in the world in November 2007. Please see the sidebar to the right for the complete November 2007 Green500 list in both online and offline viewing formats.

As actual consumed power can be much less than peak power, we explicitly note which form of power was used to rank the system and encourage all system stakeholders to report measured power -- systems where peak power is used are shown in "gray", while systems where measured power is used are shown in "black".



Green500 Rank MFLOPS/W Site* Computer* Total Power (kW) TOP500 Rank*
1357.23Science and Technology Facilities Council - Daresbury LaboratoryBlue Gene/P Solution31.10121
2352.25Max-Planck-Gesellschaft MPI/IPPBlue Gene/P Solution62.2040
3346.95IBM - RochesterBlue Gene/P Solution124.4024
4336.21Forschungszentrum Juelich (FZJ)Blue Gene/P Solution497.602
5310.93Oak Ridge National LaboratoryBlue Gene/P Solution70.4741
6210.56Harvard UniversityeServer Blue Gene Solution44.80170
7210.56High Energy Accelerator Research Organization /KEKeServer Blue Gene Solution44.80171
8210.56IBM - Almaden Research CentereServer Blue Gene Solution44.80172
9210.56IBM ResearcheServer Blue Gene Solution44.80173
10210.56IBM Thomas J. Watson Research CentereServer Blue Gene Solution44.80174