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The Green500 List - November 2011

As in the previous edition of the list, an IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer tops this edition of the Green500 at 2026 MFLOPS/W. The top five positions are occupied by IBM Blue Gene/Q solutions at various locations. Seven of the top 10 greenest supercomputers in the world changed in this latest edition of the Green500 List. However, despite this significant upheaval, the ten greenest supercomputers in the world continue to follow one of two trends: (1) aggregating many low-power processors like IBM BlueGene/Q and (2) using energy-efficient accelerators, typically from the gaming/graphics market, e.g., AMD Radeon GPU, NVIDIA Tesla Fermi GPU, Cell, and Intel Knights Corner, to complement the commodity CPUs from Intel and AMD. The fastest supercomputer in the world, the K supercomputer from RIKEN in Japan, also aggregates many low-power processors. Surprisingly, while the K supercomputer increased its energy efficiency from 825 MFLOPS/W to 830 MFLOPS/W, its Green500 rank dropped from #6 in the June release to #32 now in November. That significant drop was mainly caused by the addition of new GPU-accelerated systems as well as some new high efficiency traditional CPU clusters to the latest list. Specifically, GPU-accelerated supercomputers occupy ranks #6 through #14 and #16 through 29, with high efficiency commodity machines at #15,30 and 31.

The Green500 List

Listed below are the November 2011 The Green500's energy-efficient supercomputers ranked from 1 to 10.

Green500 Rank MFLOPS/W Site* Computer* Total Power
1 2,026.48 IBM - Rochester BlueGene/Q, Power BQC 16C 1.60 GHz, Custom 85.12