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The Green500 List - November 2015

Shoubu Supercomputer in Japan Repeats as the Most Energy-Efficient on Green500 List;
China Lands Six Supercomputers in Top 10

Austin, TX, USA; November 18, 2015 – The Shoubu supercomputer from RIKEN maintained the top spot on the 18th edition of the twice-yearly Green500 List and claimed the title of the “most energy-efficient (or greenest) supercomputer in the world.” The Shoubu supercomputer, which surpassed the seven gigaflops/watt (billions of operations per second per watt) milestone this past July, also remains as the only supercomputer that has surpassed that mark. The TSUBAME-KFC/DL supercomputer from the GSIC Center at Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan and the Lattice-CSC supercomputer from GSI Helmholtz Center in Germany grabbed second and third place, respectively, with both machines surpassing five gigaflops/watt.

The top-ranked Shoubu supercomputer at RIKEN is a heterogeneous one; that is, it is a supercomputer with two or more different types of “silicon brains.” Specifically, the Shoubu supercomputer consists of (1) Haswell CPU processors from Intel and (2) new many-core accelerators from PEZY-SC, coupled with an energy-efficient software design. At number two and three are the TSUBAME-KFC/DL supercomputer and Lattice-CSC supercomputer, respectively, both of which are also heterogeneous. TSUBAME-KFC/DL and Lattice-CSC both contain Intel Ivy Bridge CPU processors, but coupled with NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs and AMD Firepro S9150 GPUs as accelerators, respectively. Overall, heterogeneous accelerator-based systems continue to dominate the top places of the Green500. In the July 2015 edition of the list, the top 32 supercomputers on the Green500 List used accelerators; whereas in this edition of the list, the top 40 supercomputers used accelerators of one form or another, a nearly 25% increase in such systems at the top of the Green500.

Of particular note to this 18th edition of the Green500, China landed six supercomputers in the top ten of the Green500 list. These six supercomputers all employed Intel CPU processors and NVIDIA Kepler GPU processors. In the United States, the greenest supercomputer was XStream from the Stanford Research Computing Center, placing fifth on the list.

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