Open Letter to HPC Stakeholders

Wu-chun Feng and Kirk W. Cameron

Feb 05, 2008

Dear Green500 List Stakeholders,
This has been a great year for the Green500 with interest and participation higher than ever. We’d like to take a moment to thank you for your support, encouragement and feedback. As you may recall, our goal is and has always been to encourage energy efficient design in supercomputing by elevating the discussion, broadening participation, and rewarding innovation. The Green500 List has always been a work in progress as we collect feedback from participants, the media, and others throughout the year. Additionally with funding from the National Science Foundation and SuperMicro, the Green500 team has been conducting research to improve our metrics and methodologies for the past two years. We have also been soliciting feedback and suggestions from the community since the list’s inception. As a result of these efforts, a number of changes will be coming to the list over the next year. Most changes are procedural in nature to ensure the list is as accurate as possible upon release. Other changes are simply clarifications in the run rules. Here is a list of the changes that will likely be in place prior to the submission deadlines for the June 2011 Green500 List.
1. The submission deadline will be earlier than in previous years and will be strictly enforced. Those missing the submission deadline will be unable to participate for that particular list but may submit for subsequent lists.
2. With each submission, users will be prompted to acknowledge reading and abiding by the run rules. The run rules are subject to change and this will be our way of ensuring submitters are informed and up-to-date on the current set of run rules.
3. The run rules currently state that we will use either the submitted data for a list entry or an approximation of the power usage based on the UL rating or machine specification. We realize the latter is less accurate than reported data, however we will strictly enforce this policy for those entries that do not submit data directly to the Green500.
4. Upon submission, submitters will be given a chance to review their submission as recorded by our internal system. Users will be prompted to certify all information has been reviewed and is deemed correct by the submitter. As you can imagine, a number of these procedural changes are in response to community comments and participation in the Green500 List. The list will always be a work in progress and we appreciate your continued patience and support as we work to improve the process, accuracy, and & relevance of the Green500 List.
Happy Holidays.

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