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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Green500 list going to be released?

Currently, the Green500 has two releases per year: June and November. The inaugural list was released on November 15, 2007 at SC|07. The second release was off-schedule on February 28, 2008, and the third release was on June 30, 2008. The subsequent releases have all followed the June/November pattern.

    At publication time, will you be specific as to which form of power was used?

    Yes. We will use "measured power" if a formal submission is made through our submission page during the call for entries and if the number makes sense relative to the peak power rating. Furthermore, the list will indeed explicitly show whether measured or peak power was used. (Since "measured power" will be less than "peak power", it is advantageous to make a formal Green500 submission.)

      Which version of the TOP500 list are you planning to use the Green500 list? In other words, will the TOP500 list from June be used as your base line for the November Green500 list?

      We will use the TOP500 list for November to generate the November Green500 list, and the TOP500 June list for the Green500 June list. Therefore, there may be a slight delay between the TOP500 release and the Green500 release.

          There are many entries listed in the TOP500 list as anonymous. Can I do the same in the Green500 list?

          Yes, for now.

            Why don't you include the performance data from the TOP500 list on your site?

            The Green500 ranks systems by energy-efficiency (e.g., performance-per-watt). For performance rankings and information, we encourage you to visit the TOP500 website.

              Aside from the June and November releases, is the Green500 subject to change?

              Our policy is to fix errors as soon as possible. A side effect of this policy is that the list may change between releases to fix errors.

                Where can I get more information?

                For additional information that is not answered on this website,
                please send e-mail to info AT green500 DOT org

                For media related inquiries, please contact us.


                  Run Rules

                  Click the link below to download the latest Run Rules to find out what you need to do before you submit an entry.

                  Download the latest Run Rules (PDF)



                  EEHPC WG: Power Measurement Methodology

                  Click the link below to download the EEHPC WG Power Measurement Methodology to find out more about Level 2 and Level 3 measurements.

                  Download the EEHPC WG: Power Measurement Methodology Document (PDF)



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