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The Green500 List - June 2008

This 3rd edition of the Green500 contains a plethora of interesting takeaways,
of which the following five are most notable.

  1. The first sustained petaflop supercomputer - Roadrunner,
    from DOE Los Alamos National Laboratory - exhibits extraordinary
    energy efficiency.
    • Roadrunner, the top-ranked supercomputer in the TOP500,
      is ranked #3 on the Green500. This achievement further reinforces
      the fact that energy efficiency is as important as raw performance
      for modern supercomputers and that energy efficiency and performance
      can coexist. (For comparison, the last two supercomputers to top the
      TOP500 are #43 and #499 on the Green500.)
  2. The top three supercomputers surpass the 400 MFLOPS/watt milestone
    for the first time.
    • Three of IBM’s Cell-based QS22 supercomputers at IBM Germany,
      Fraunhofer ITWM, and DOE/NNSA/LANL achieved 488.14, 488.14, and 437.43 MFLOPS/watt,
  3. Energy efficiency hits the mainstream.
    • The energy efficiency of a commodity system based on Intel’s
      45-nm low-power quad-core Xeon is now on par with IBM BlueGene/L (BG/L)
      machines, which debuted in November 2004.
  4. The FLOPS/watt distribution is still skewed from top to bottom but
    • While the energy efficiency of the top-ranked Green500 supercomputer
      has improved by almost 131,000,000 Flops/watt since November 2007, the bottom-ranked
      Green500 supercomputer has improved
      by only 390,000 Flops/watt. Overall, the MFLOPS/watt distribution of
      the Green500 is
      skewed with only 28% of the machines acheiving more than 100Mflops/watt
      (up from 14% last November).
  5. Each of supercomputers in the top ten from this edition of the Green500
    has a higher FLOPS/watt rating than the previous #1 Green500 supercomputer.

The Green500 List

Listed below are the June 2008 The Green500's energy-efficient supercomputers ranked from 1 to 10.

Green500 Rank MFLOPS/W Site* Computer* Total Power
1 488.09 Fraunhofer ITWM BladeCenter QS22 Cluster, PowerXCell 8i 3.2 Ghz, Infiniband 18.97
1 488.14 IBM Germany BladeCenter QS22 Cluster, PowerXCell 8i 3.2 Ghz, Infiniband 22.76
3 437.43 DOE/NNSA/LANL BladeCenter QS22/LS21 Cluster, PowerXCell 8i 3.2 Ghz / Opteron DC 1.8 GHz 2,345.50
4 371.75 Argonne National Laboratory Blue Gene/P Solution 31.50
4 371.75 Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies/ICHEC Blue Gene/P Solution 31.50
4 371.75 Science and Technology Facilities Council - Daresbury Laboratory Blue Gene/P Solution 31.50
7 371.67 ASTRON/University Groningen Blue Gene/P Solution 94.50
7 371.67 DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory Blue Gene/P Solution 63.00
7 371.67 IBM - Rochester Blue Gene/P Solution 126.00
7 371.67 RZG/Max-Planck-Gesellschaft MPI/IPP Blue Gene/P Solution 94.50
7 371.67 Stony Brook/BNL, New York Center for Computational Sciences Blue Gene/P Solution 63.00

* Performance data obtained from publicly available sources including TOP500


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